Social Philosophy


          Man is a social being. It is an indubitable reality which marks his very being wherever he traverses. Man is ultimately a being of relations, beyond rationality and spirituality. This attribute is also an inescapable fact  and part of his being. Man is a Dasein (Heidegger) which is always in context, in situation, in relation. He is being a thrown in this world, not a hermit who is isolated or an outcast, nor being suspended in space and time devoid of any relation. They are beings who interdependently share this world, a world full of meaningful experiences, with the rest of humanity. Thus, the question Quo vadis? (Where are you going?) is a quest of / for humanity, a journey in the world of relations, to discover the meaning of life with the rest of other beings-in-the-world.

           Social Philosophers, by far have reached the existence and value of the human person. They have explained various theories and concepts about human person and his/her faculties and attributes, and how he/she relates his/her being with others in this world. Principles have been introduced by different philosophers dealing with different aspects and perspectives of society. From these contributions, the human person learns the essence of his/her existence and enables himself / herself to materialize and realize his/her social importance.

          However, going through the different philosophical exposition, one will notice the distinct orientation of the different theories. In fact, dominant characteristics can be drawn from the Western, the Oriental and that of the Filipino philosophies respectively. These different orientations are so prevalent that may have influenced the way people speak, think, and talk nowadays.  Likewise, these concepts became an effective tool for mankind to find their deepest thoughts and meaning in relation to the world.



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