Social Philosophy



"Mayaman ka man't marikit,
Maganda ang pananamit,
Pag wala kang tagong bait,
Walang halagang gahanip"

-Mercado, Filipino thought

          As to the Filipino philosophy, one will realize the synergy of the east and the west. There is a Mutual Blending between the east and the west character. This is implied in the Filipino philosophy and behavior in his desire for harmony. But of course, there still exist what is uniquely and entirely Filipino by nature. Filipino philosophy is both realistic and non-rationalist. Filipinos believe on their own ability to solve problems, nevertheless, acknowledges their finitude, and implores the interception of GOD. Hence, the common Filipino adage; 'Nasa Tao Ang Gawa, Nasa Dios Ang Awa'. 

 The Filipino Social Philosophy List

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